Alex Seier

After growing up on a small farm in Pennsylvania, Alex Seier (sIE-uhr) has lived in many cities around the U.S. and has been fortunate to fulfill two of his childhood dreams by securing a major label record deal (Lava/Atlantic Records) and a publishing deal (Old Bank Music). In addition to performing (guitar/vocals) for well-known artists including Jessie James Decker and Secondhand Serenade, his music has been heard by millions of people nationally and internationally. Alex has been featured on MTV’s YOU HEAR IT FIRST, and has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, Today Show, Ellen and more! His deep passion for songwriting lead him to Nashville, TN allowing him the opportunity to work with the top talent in the world as a songwriter, artist, instrumentalist, producer, engineer, and consultant. He’s had songs recorded and released by artists in the U.S., Canada, and has a #1 hit single in Australia. With thousands of songs under his belt, and years of countless experience in the music industry, Alex knows he is blessed to live the American Dream everyday and is excited to continue his incredible journey!

lives in Nashville, TN & has lived in FL, NYC, LA, DC, & PA

wrote songs & worked with acclaimed songwriters: Leslie Satcher, Phil Barton, Kent Blazy, Tim James, Jim Collins, Rob Crosby, Danny Myrick, Dean DeLeo, Simon Perry, Scott Cutler, Anne Preven, Michael Shimshack, Kyle Kelso, & more

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